Hello Friends 🙂

This is just a simple landing page to link to all of my stuff. Maybe someday it will be more.

Daniel Schmackpfeffer
Software Engineer

About This Site

This site is running in Azure using PAAS. In particular, it is an ASP.NET Core application running as an App Service in Azure using a Basic (B1 App Service plan) since that is the cheapest plan that will allow me to use SSL.

My stylesheets are written with LESS, and given the simple nature of this site, there is no Javascript.

The pages are written using Razor pages. However, all of the content is dynamic. Most of it is stored in Table Storage since it is cheap and more than sufficient for this site. Some of it, like this page, is in Blob storage, so I can update it easily without redeploying. The blog is actually dynamically loaded from

The source for this site is maintained with GIT and Azure Dev Ops. Azure Dev Ops is used to build and deploy it as well.

The content management for the dynamic content is editable through a site not deployed here that uses a custom UserStore that uses TableStorage for persistence. This is somewhat oversimplified, but it lets me use a third-party service to authenticate. Once authenticated and authorized, I can edit the content.