During his time with us on the Meals2Go project at Wegmans he was an invaluable team member. He served as a bastion of knowledge about Azure, C#, and the .NET ecosystem. Daniel also delivered one of the best developer tools I have had the pleasure using. I would work with Dan again in a heart beat given the chance.

Dan is an excellent developer. Maybe the best I have ever worked with. His attention to detail and ensuring the best result is achieved is second to none. I know many of the developers he works with as well and we would all say the same thing - Please put Dan on my project!

Every time we worked together and I needed code to work with a single server or a multi-node stretch cluster, I always knew Dan's code would the best. Teams across the department often sought Dan for his expertise and input. Wherever he works, or whatever he does, everyone will be the better for it.

I've worked with Dan on several projects at Wegmans and he always goes above and beyond what is expected of him. He is a great problem solver and has a real passion for developing creative solutions for tools to help the team be more efficient. I would highly recommend Dan.

Dan is an excellent team member. I worked with Dan on several major development projects at Paychex. He was one of the best technical resources on the team. Dan is a hard worker and is passionate about the work he does. I highly recommend him for any development team.

During the nearly two years that Dan and I worked together at Veramark I came to know him as an extremely hardworking person. He took the initiative to create several tools for the testing department that have all certainly increased our productivity and improved our testing methods. Dan was always available to answer a question or explain something from an engineer's perspective which was a huge benefit.

Once started, Dan has quickly learned complex frameworks and became an effective contributor of our software team. Later he came up with multiple framework enhancements, that cut development cycles in times. Dan has deep understanding of a wide range of software technologies and unique skills to be a key contributor to the range of internal automation projects (projects tracking, test automation, etc.)

Daniel is a resourceful team member who will help others whenever he can. He will find the right tool and do what it takes to get the job done.